Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status or status as a qualified individual with a disability.

Available Positions

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Direct Support Professionals must have the ability to be physically active, which includes – but is not limited to: lifting, standing, pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, sitting and walking.
  2. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age, for insurance requirements.
  3. Be able to effectively read, write and communicate verbally in English and must be able to read and understand instructions, perform record-keeping and write reports.
  4. Must currently have and provide copies of – driver’s license, auto liability insurance, social security card and GED or high school diploma. These items are to be turned in with the application.

Core Competencies of a Direct Support Professional:

  1. Communication: The DSP builds trust and productive relationships with people s/he supports, co-workers and others through respectful and clear verbal and written communication.
  2. Person-Centered Practices: The DSP uses person-centered practices, assisting individuals to make choices and plan goals, and provides services to help individuals achieve their goals.
  3. Evaluation and Observation: The DSP closely monitors an individual’s physical and emotional health, gathers information about the individual, and communicates observations to guide services.
  4. Crisis Prevention and Intervention: The DSP identifies risk and behaviors that that can lead to a crisis, and uses effective strategies to prevent or intervene in the crisis in collaboration with others.
  5. Safety: The DSP is attentive to signs of abuse, neglect or exploitation and follows procedures to protect an individual from such harm. S/he helps people to avoid unsafe situations and uses appropriate procedures to assure safety during emergency situations.
  6. Professionalism and Ethics: The DSP works in a professional and ethical manner, maintaining confidentiality and respecting individual and family rights.
  7. Empowerment& Advocacy: The DSP provides advocacy, and empowers and assists individuals to advocate for what they need.
  8. Health and Wellness: The DSP plays a vital role in helping individuals’ to achieve and maintain good physical and emotional health essential to their well-being.
  9. Community Living Skills and Supports: The DSP helps individuals to manage the personal, financial and household tasks that are necessary on a day-to-day basis to pursue an independent, community-based lifestyle.
  10. Community Inclusion and Networking: The DSP helps individuals to be a part of the community through valued roles and relationships, and assists individuals with major transitions that occur in community life.
  11. Cultural Competency: The DSP respects cultural differences, and provides services and supports that fit with an individual’s preferences.
  12. Education, Training and Self-Development: The DSP obtains and maintains necessary certifications, and seeks opportunities to improve their skills and work practices through further education and training.

Applicants that are retained as new employees must:

  1. Successfully complete all requirements of employment, such as: TB skin test, drug screen.
  2. Successfully complete all training classes with a score of 80 or higher. These classes also must be attended as scheduled to maintain employment.
  3. Pass a criminal background check performed in accordance with Title 33.
  4. Must not be listed on the TN Abuse Registry, the TN Sexual Offender Registry or the TN Felony Offender List.

Apply Online

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